Tuesday, 7 March 2017


     A melodramatic Spring allures,
      For I could not simply ignore,
      But to glide with its euphony,
      Radiated me with the greatest joy.
      I can hear the potential of love,      
      Traveling to soothe with its dove.     
      I gave ear to the promises.      
      And valued the life of hopes.       
      Where Spring keeps us alive     
      And never diverge our dive.      
      For Spring be the primitive season,     
      To awaken every soul with reason.     
      Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Revolutionizing the Media

The time has come for all of us scrutinize everything that is being published in the news channel by the media and say no to their inducement. Some money-grubbing news channels are disdaining their own roles and responsibilities. People's mind is getting deluded with false information and there are many chaos and disorders in the society. The times are getting crucial for everyone to believe and work on to. Media ethics needs enrichment in some fundamental core values of life whereby they can at least reduce proselytizing practices and let people discover something of the situation.
Recently I had to go through many news channels where they were attacking President of the United States. I was persuaded with the ideas shared by some of the news channels. There is this war between the leaders and the medias this time. Why ???
To my perspective, i just came up with some reasons and that could be Media these days are forgetting their prior goal of informing the right information as they are more into picking up the curiosity of the audience and money. See like President Donald Trump is very true and straightforward in revealing all truths and his own private twitter accounts just became a great threat for almost all of the media agencies in running their business. Even the Muslim bans and protest was actually was also a failure of some of the media mainstreams because there can be some revenge stories attacking President out of jealousy is possible.
We can even make out some reasons where some news channels were trying to make up lies for their business sustainability.  They are surviving with producing false information because this is the only way to sustain their business. The time has come to restructure such kind of business with or the audience has the choice to scrutinize.
Media should publish something that can bring down hatred, segregation, and discriminations among the people. We can see the dark of their business hampering harmony in the society. We are well-coming wars soon if we either don't change the ethics that should run media and its business with the situation or as a viewer not getting deluded with their fake news and sensitizing everyone about the goal of life could be the solutions. One must not forget the greatest goal life, that's 'happiness'.So it is time for Media agencies to focus first on ethical values of life keeping their business ideas and sustainability as a secondary goal.

Thank you.