Tuesday, 7 March 2017


     A melodramatic Spring allures,
      For I could not simply ignore,
      But to glide with its euphony,
      Radiated me with the greatest joy.
      I can hear the potential of love,      
      Traveling to soothe with its dove.     
      I gave ear to the promises.      
      And valued the life of hopes.       
      Where Spring keeps us alive     
      And never diverge our dive.      
      For Spring be the primitive season,     
      To awaken every soul with reason.     
      Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Revolutionizing the Media

The time has come for all of us scrutinize everything that is being published in the news channel by the media and say no to their inducement. Some money-grubbing news channels are disdaining their own roles and responsibilities. People's mind is getting deluded with false information and there are many chaos and disorders in the society. The times are getting crucial for everyone to believe and work on to. Media ethics needs enrichment in some fundamental core values of life whereby they can at least reduce proselytizing practices and let people discover something of the situation.
Recently I had to go through many news channels where they were attacking President of the United States. I was persuaded with the ideas shared by some of the news channels. There is this war between the leaders and the medias this time. Why ???
To my perspective, i just came up with some reasons and that could be Media these days are forgetting their prior goal of informing the right information as they are more into picking up the curiosity of the audience and money. See like President Donald Trump is very true and straightforward in revealing all truths and his own private twitter accounts just became a great threat for almost all of the media agencies in running their business. Even the Muslim bans and protest was actually was also a failure of some of the media mainstreams because there can be some revenge stories attacking President out of jealousy is possible.
We can even make out some reasons where some news channels were trying to make up lies for their business sustainability.  They are surviving with producing false information because this is the only way to sustain their business. The time has come to restructure such kind of business with or the audience has the choice to scrutinize.
Media should publish something that can bring down hatred, segregation, and discriminations among the people. We can see the dark of their business hampering harmony in the society. We are well-coming wars soon if we either don't change the ethics that should run media and its business with the situation or as a viewer not getting deluded with their fake news and sensitizing everyone about the goal of life could be the solutions. One must not forget the greatest goal life, that's 'happiness'.So it is time for Media agencies to focus first on ethical values of life keeping their business ideas and sustainability as a secondary goal.

Thank you.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Green Business to sustainability in Bhutan

In the 1960s, most of the countries in the world had their own capacity to meet their own demand but by 2000, most countries were able to meet their own needs by importing resources from other nations. Environment and ecology were the common sources for all the countries to meet up their demand. By the late 20th century environmental problems were becoming global in scale. The energy crisis during the early 1970s had shown up that global communities were too much dependent on the nonrenewable resource. In parallel, the greater concern for human values was discovered. The growing unease and its investigation by UN gave most widely quoted definition of sustainability and sustainable development in the report “our common future” that “sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. It implies with business activities and entrepreneurship skills. 
The definition actually focuses on two key concepts. Those are needs and the limitations. For the business enterprise, sustainability could mean the adopting of strategies and activities that meet the needs of the firm and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources needed for the future. It is actually about balancing social, environmental and economic concerns.
For Bhutan in creating a sustainable world means creating new ways for people to live and thrive while keeping the planet’s ecosystem healthy, alive and sustained for the future generations. Bhutan as a developing country with small size in area and population will face challenges in the sustainability of entrepreneurship if entrepreneurs don’t adopt important measures in sustaining business activities alive in the country. For now, the country’s population in harnessing natural resources and energy label is expected to be at a balance somehow but with increasing population, every year would increase their needs and wants exponentially. The crisis might occur not just by the Bhutanese population consumerism but foreigners can even contribute to the controversy if the products are exported to a huge amount or if more foreigners are welcomed inside the country.

The era of modern business strategy has spread over in such a Himalayans region like Bhutan and have shown impact in terms of economy and living styles but sustainability remained a global concern. The modern way of a business itself has a high risk of bringing down the sustainable resources. So firstly government should even play a role in making policies with regard to higher exports whereby limiting consumers could even track down the sustainability issues. Even though the size of the country small it has adequate natural resources for the least people living in the country to enjoy with for today and for future.
Bhutan has adopted many holistic approaches in terms of sustainable development. GNH as a development paradigm has its all advantages in sustaining those precious resources from converting them to products at large scale. Such kind of development policy would ensure almost all of the sustainable goals. Along with GNH values, sustainable goals as follows can also be adopted for sustainability entrepreneurship in Bhutan. They are
1.     Economic development
The Bhutanese entrepreneurs should take care of the products that are needed for the Bhutanese people whereby it should solve poverty, unemployment problems and it should satisfy the consumers. It should even contribute to country’s GDP where economic value must be created.
2.     Social equity
It should even take care of the human rights and justice, gender equality, people’s health, knowledge, skills and motivation of the Bhutanese people who work for the firm. There should also be transparency and accountability. Entrepreneurship should also create a value for both business and society. The freedom of association must be given and child labour should be abolished.

3.     Environmental protection.
Earth can provide enough to satisfy every man’s need but not everyone’s greed. Climatic change is a global issue where the economic activities have let an increase in earth’s temperature, the glaciers are melting at the high rate causing floods and destroying home for every creature. Degradation of the forest has let the collapse of natural ecosystems. Each and every Bhutanese must know the limited resources and should learn to value it.
If Bhutanese entrepreneurs follow current pattern of wealth creation then it will generate worsening environmental and social problems. Pressure will continuously build on both corporations and the governments to make a transition to sustainable development.

Bhutan even signed a KYOTO protocol to remain as carbon neutral country for all time to come and is also a part of many organizations for combating climatic change. However, Bhutan despite being a carbon negative country even experiences the threat of global warming issues. So there is a need for ethical values and business activities always going together if sustainability is to be achieved in Bhutan. Furthermore to achieve sustainability of entrepreneurship in Bhutan, Bhutanese likely should adopt a good policy being implemented by the policymakers. Not only Bhutan but all countries around the world should adopt it and combat to climatic change because the consequences of it can be faced mostly in Himalayan regions like Bhutan despite being carbon negative and practising green business.

The Bhutanese constitution to preserve our forest cover of 60% itself is a big promise. With the GNH development paradigm along with green business, the idea would further strengthen our promises for future generations. Green business is thus an enterprise that has no negative impact on the local environment, society or economics. Many entrepreneurs moved to holistic measurement encompassing people, planet, and profit. Along with human capital, natural capital, and profit, if a company can also adopt and frame ideas on recycling and regeneration then it would reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduces energy usage, reduces air pollution, water pollution and would be a key component of waste management. If all of this can be done then it is for sure that Bhutanese people would be able to pass this joy of sustainability being passed through all generations.

So as an entrepreneur in Bhutan, one should respond to activities and produces goods that promote sustainability. It should place responsible business practices and sustainability objectives at a heart of business strategy and find solutions to low living standards, environmental issues, and natural resources. It should be able to give basic human needs, power sustainable economic growth related to climatic change. We should be in a position to create any kinds of products and should be able to dissolve any issues related to it. Bhutan to sustain entrepreneurship would have a responsibility to promote public awareness and convey messages to each and every part of the globe in practising green business and being responsible for the future generations. As the whole world if such kind of strategies is adopted by every entrepreneur then there is will for seeing sustainability, peace and harmony in the world.

                                   *Thank you* 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

From the Sunday's soul of mine

                              "REVITALIZE " - Kinley Dorji

                            I can feel the gentle wind by now.
                            A refreshable breathing for mind,
                            For i was awaiting until now.
                            The birth of the spring was promising,
                            For i was asleep with euphony.
                            And the showery summer groomed me,
                            For i was into glowing with each rays.
                            And the haying of the autumn was stillborn,
                            For i was wandering with my thoughts.
                            Hour changed into second betraying me.
                            None of them wears a potent ,
                           To awaken me from the lost world
                           Leaving me with a pipe dream behind.
                           For i have sensed the innocence.
                           May my actions plough with thoughts.
                          To the freezing cold of the winter.
                           I would bow you in the spring,
                           If i was transformed by your vigor.
                           For i am ready to change with you.
                           Every time and forever for my goodness.
                         Thank you smile emoticon

Saturday, 28 February 2015

The fallacy of love

I presumed the love to be a sensation towards our attracted partner and it is a sense of sexual attraction is what it meant for if i am not wronged by my own thoughts. But the very fact that we say about love and the understanding seems to be different than what it actually needs to be. The sight and feelings towards all those love is deluded by our own phantom visions and feelings.
I personally consider it to be a poisoned love. The feelings like jealousy,attachment,selfishness,grasping and many negative emotions are the fallacy. They can never be the part of love. All those emotions are demoting the very fact of what love is meant for.To my observation we are seeking permanency with life. The idea of attachment itself is contradicting the very truth. And the selfish of two people being happy is not really the love being shared.
I guess many of my younger friends have been affected with such kind of feelings.I would put up in saying that this mixed feelings need to be sorted out. The feelings compromising with all those expectations and predictions along with which i have stated over rules with the love actually meant and we are with an illusionary concept that are being shared and lived with. The meanings of love interpreted by great people seems to be deluding by our own illusions and we end up falling in circle.
To all the readers be aware of the poisoned feeling that will kill oneself and be try to correct it if you are falling in that wronged concept. May the realisation over it heals your own sickened thoughts and help you grow positively.
‪#‎haha‬... wishing you all a happy Sunday morning!!!!

Monday, 24 November 2014

"To live with truth“

''Impermanence is a principle of harmony when we don't struggle against it,we are harmony with reality"-Pema Chodron

         Appealing case against dead victims can be a fool if people are with selfish thoughts. Knowing the truth of life can be a best medication rather than fighting for dead people to come back. Buddha told that the moon, sun and the truth cannot be hidden. People do things knowingly and I find them stupid. Recently I read a news paper of a suicide case where the victim’s parents forwarded a case to the court against the school teacher for not informing about their children condition earlier. How can a teacher know that he or she is going to suicide just seeing the condition? A teacher might have seen his or condition but didn't turn up saying to the parents that he or she may get alright as we always hope and expects for. There is no use of crying over spilt milk. I guess people really have to know the cyclic existence of the nature. We say we are born to die and people try to seek reasons for why did he die? People’s notion this day seems to be selfish in a way when they are demanding something else from the dead corpse in a way for their beneficial.

          I was thinking of writing this article from last time when I went through the documentary movie on Ebola in Africa. The victims infected by those deadly viruses. I just observe that people the donations and those health agencies trying their best to eradicate and treat those people but was not appreciated by the way they treat. It was kind of like rough and tough treatment. Even people don’t treat like this to an animal. A just watched a mother losing her son as he was infected. Even though she wants to live with him presuming her son is affected by virus and would spread her. But she was truly in need of her son than anything else. She doesn't care about everything around but wants her son to be with her and spend her being time with her son. I came to know that those infected people are killed and burnt to reduce the increasing number of casualties.

          So the people around them comfort her and then take her son and she no more sees him. Where are our human values? The conduct there seems to creating more problems and torturing them a lot more than the infection. Those infected people are happy that they understood the truth of life but people trying to treat them are completely out of their mind that they won’t die. Those unaffected people think that they will be infected and will land up dying knowing that they will die one day. I guess they are with the notion of permanency world and the life they live.

           I guess it is very important that we know about the impermanence and truth of life. Knowing this could be the best medicine to cure every problems regarding the ills and deaths of life rather than showing our stupidity and viewing things in as a permanent thing to be with. We are being so selfish to sustain our living. Let there be no misconceptions about life and then will eradicate all those misconducts then those deadly disease. Know the best medication as I stated earlier and enjoy with everything comes with us. 

Thank you.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Was that what dying is????

The time was just 11;49 when i was about to write my lab copy. i was thinking about my health that it has been almost a week that i was suffering from cough and cold. everything i take tastes salty and was kind of thirsty all the time. no sooner did i start writing my lab copy then i experienced something like travelling in a bus. i just felt like vomiting and thought that now dehydration is making me more sick and i just thought like i falling down from the chair. i just thought like i was suffering from giddiness until my room mate called me. he said "do you feel something else" . i replied"yes i do". he said it was quake. i just thought like i was getting more sick and my health condition is going down. last time i just checked my weight and it was decreased by 10 kg. thought that i am gonna die here in this place. i was in a mood like uncertainty of death is taking me somewhere tonight. it is always hard to predict things. but for the last moment i was totally taken somewhere else. my mind was not at all here wondering all alone. thank god that the quake was not so effective. if  it was then i wont be able to imagine the scene created here. ... cant imagine....?????