Sunday, 1 November 2015

From the Sunday's soul of mine

                              "REVITALIZE " - Kinley Dorji

                            I can feel the gentle wind by now.
                            A refreshable breathing for mind,
                            For i was awaiting until now.
                            The birth of the spring was promising,
                            For i was asleep with euphony.
                            And the showery summer groomed me,
                            For i was into glowing with each rays.
                            And the haying of the autumn was stillborn,
                            For i was wandering with my thoughts.
                            Hour changed into second betraying me.
                            None of them wears a potent ,
                           To awaken me from the lost world
                           Leaving me with a pipe dream behind.
                           For i have sensed the innocence.
                           May my actions plough with thoughts.
                          To the freezing cold of the winter.
                           I would bow you in the spring,
                           If i was transformed by your vigor.
                           For i am ready to change with you.
                           Every time and forever for my goodness.
                         Thank you smile emoticon