Saturday, 28 February 2015

The fallacy of love

I presumed the love to be a sensation towards our attracted partner and it is a sense of sexual attraction is what it meant for if i am not wronged by my own thoughts. But the very fact that we say about love and the understanding seems to be different than what it actually needs to be. The sight and feelings towards all those love is deluded by our own phantom visions and feelings.
I personally consider it to be a poisoned love. The feelings like jealousy,attachment,selfishness,grasping and many negative emotions are the fallacy. They can never be the part of love. All those emotions are demoting the very fact of what love is meant for.To my observation we are seeking permanency with life. The idea of attachment itself is contradicting the very truth. And the selfish of two people being happy is not really the love being shared.
I guess many of my younger friends have been affected with such kind of feelings.I would put up in saying that this mixed feelings need to be sorted out. The feelings compromising with all those expectations and predictions along with which i have stated over rules with the love actually meant and we are with an illusionary concept that are being shared and lived with. The meanings of love interpreted by great people seems to be deluding by our own illusions and we end up falling in circle.
To all the readers be aware of the poisoned feeling that will kill oneself and be try to correct it if you are falling in that wronged concept. May the realisation over it heals your own sickened thoughts and help you grow positively.
‪#‎haha‬... wishing you all a happy Sunday morning!!!!