Monday, 24 November 2014

"To live with truth“

''Impermanence is a principle of harmony when we don't struggle against it,we are harmony with reality"-Pema Chodron

         Appealing case against dead victims can be a fool if people are with selfish thoughts. Knowing the truth of life can be a best medication rather than fighting for dead people to come back. Buddha told that the moon, sun and the truth cannot be hidden. People do things knowingly and I find them stupid. Recently I read a news paper of a suicide case where the victim’s parents forwarded a case to the court against the school teacher for not informing about their children condition earlier. How can a teacher know that he or she is going to suicide just seeing the condition? A teacher might have seen his or condition but didn't turn up saying to the parents that he or she may get alright as we always hope and expects for. There is no use of crying over spilt milk. I guess people really have to know the cyclic existence of the nature. We say we are born to die and people try to seek reasons for why did he die? People’s notion this day seems to be selfish in a way when they are demanding something else from the dead corpse in a way for their beneficial.

          I was thinking of writing this article from last time when I went through the documentary movie on Ebola in Africa. The victims infected by those deadly viruses. I just observe that people the donations and those health agencies trying their best to eradicate and treat those people but was not appreciated by the way they treat. It was kind of like rough and tough treatment. Even people don’t treat like this to an animal. A just watched a mother losing her son as he was infected. Even though she wants to live with him presuming her son is affected by virus and would spread her. But she was truly in need of her son than anything else. She doesn't care about everything around but wants her son to be with her and spend her being time with her son. I came to know that those infected people are killed and burnt to reduce the increasing number of casualties.

          So the people around them comfort her and then take her son and she no more sees him. Where are our human values? The conduct there seems to creating more problems and torturing them a lot more than the infection. Those infected people are happy that they understood the truth of life but people trying to treat them are completely out of their mind that they won’t die. Those unaffected people think that they will be infected and will land up dying knowing that they will die one day. I guess they are with the notion of permanency world and the life they live.

           I guess it is very important that we know about the impermanence and truth of life. Knowing this could be the best medicine to cure every problems regarding the ills and deaths of life rather than showing our stupidity and viewing things in as a permanent thing to be with. We are being so selfish to sustain our living. Let there be no misconceptions about life and then will eradicate all those misconducts then those deadly disease. Know the best medication as I stated earlier and enjoy with everything comes with us. 

Thank you.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Was that what dying is????

The time was just 11;49 when i was about to write my lab copy. i was thinking about my health that it has been almost a week that i was suffering from cough and cold. everything i take tastes salty and was kind of thirsty all the time. no sooner did i start writing my lab copy then i experienced something like travelling in a bus. i just felt like vomiting and thought that now dehydration is making me more sick and i just thought like i falling down from the chair. i just thought like i was suffering from giddiness until my room mate called me. he said "do you feel something else" . i replied"yes i do". he said it was quake. i just thought like i was getting more sick and my health condition is going down. last time i just checked my weight and it was decreased by 10 kg. thought that i am gonna die here in this place. i was in a mood like uncertainty of death is taking me somewhere tonight. it is always hard to predict things. but for the last moment i was totally taken somewhere else. my mind was not at all here wondering all alone. thank god that the quake was not so effective. if  it was then i wont be able to imagine the scene created here. ... cant imagine....?????

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

***“The fruits of the monsoon seed”***

Often times I am mesmerized by the word karma (cycle of cause and effect) and it takes me to think about my poor father. Even though it is long winded story of my father to be told I will just let you all know about his deeds and the fruits that he is enjoying. A seed that my father sowed during his young stay really seems to be an atrocious. I was shocked when I heard that my mother is his fourth wife. There is an exactly twenty four age differences between my father and mother. Who were his all ex-wives? That question I sometimes ask to my father and he said it is none of my business .so even does my mom ask him but he refuses to answer us.  

Whatsoever I got some tidings about him and I came to know that his first wife was from his own village and had one son. And then later he got divorced and then he came to west and married a western woman. From there he again had a boy child who is half-brother to me. I met him several times and he used to narrate me a story about father not being there for him when he was in need of him. I came to know that his mother died in a fire accident which took away his all properties and mothers life along with it. At that time my father just walked away from that place and none of them found him. The brother there had lived like an orphanage and faced many difficulties to grow up. I really cannot imagine how he stayed without father and mother when both of them were not seen from the age of four. He told me that if our father had stayed with him and given an education then he won’t be suffering these days. And I realized the value of education after seeing his condition and advices.
He is simply working in a field that he got from his mothers share and does some carpentry works. He said life for him was very challenging and I sometimes feel like he is blaming to our father and I even thinks that he was right. I am sure that my father was really disobedient to his poor son. And from there again he married one woman from east side of our country which is supposed to be his third wife and came to my mother place. The people living there still today tell the story of the third wife. How my father used to treat her. An awful treatment was he did when he gets drunk to his wife and they even told me how he beats the son of the wife. When I refer to the son of wife I mean to say that he was not his own son. My father was step to that fellow brother. And my mother even saw him getting drunk and having problems with the family he was living at that time.

My mother at that time was too young  and even now when she narrates me story of the fathers condition I just feel like she is cracking a joke though it a fact that the third wife of my father had to leave him and went to other place that he didn’t find her at all. He went in search of her but he could not find her and returned there unhappily. And the funniest thing is he punished late my grandfather just because my late grandfather let one of the prisoners to live in our house when he ran out from the prison. Even he had punished most of the people from our community and now he had to rely on them. How cruel is the world for him now. I really cannot think of it when now he had to face them smiling after showing his cruel face once.

I know that my father had served the nation for almost 35 years in service being harsh on people as he had to during all those hard times. Everyone says me that he was a strict and loyal to his job. But I wonder why he was not recognized and got a little promotions and recognition. He didn’t get anything except his pension worth twenty seven thousand. And right now he is serving as cook in the dratsang for he is too old to work in field and from that he earns little for our family. He doesn’t have choice to do other jobs than he does now .There was no option rather than doing this simple job for the family. He is speechless and bit dedicated to his work.

As a son from a humble family people thinks that I should act and do things to their aspirations. To live my live with others aspiration is like something artificial for me. I know all about it but I don’t speak out. I just try to keep inside and working towards it. I stand as a proud son of my humble parents. I know that people there has many expects from me to raise my family and make their head to rise up. People sometimes suggest me to act humbly but I really don’t do that and some unknowns’ thinks that I am from a well of family. I can understand that they are humble but I don’t know where my fate will take me and it is my way that I have chosen to live or else it always make me to bow . So I chose the way I live now and it somehow makes me feel good. We are responsible for our own happiness and we don’t have to rely on others suggestions.  As a spiritual follower I believe in karma and I just hope for all those things to happen. I should say that we face problems but not that much. We have almost enough to feed on. I just compared our living with the people living without foods and shelters and got a pride to stand in fortunate family to I belong.

I know that my father would be turning sixty six next year and actually it is time that he take rest and chant prayers yet he had to work for the family. I just can blame on his past deeds. The karmic forces that keep on following us like our own shadow. The deeds he had in his earlier life and at his young age is letting him to be in a situation he is now. I always pray and wish for his good life later. May all his bad deeds be erased during his living and all his good deeds follow upon him for every step he moves on. For me I was very fortunate that I got a father and mother who are very concerned about me. I have all peace and supports from them to stand as a man who never bows his head down. I thank him for everything he gave me. I should say that I had a cool father and had all my best time with him. When I am just far from him I just think of his well being as he is old now. I worry about him a lot than my mother.

For my father’s lifetime he had his own karma that played with his life and I have my own to play on. Having all those faith in the cyclic existence and the forces let me owe to my father being the spirit that I had to believe in karma.  I came to know about the repercussion of the action. I will pray for all the blind people to have a vision in this world of karma. Guide your own mind and do good as you can. Try to know the purpose of living and being born in this world. I guess that should be the reminder and question that you all should be keeping in touch with. I believe that we are born to have a faith in karma. It can always be a best method to live with life. Let the accumulation of all merits be the goal of our stay in this world of illusions and let the tangible results we will be seeing later and enjoying be all the fruits of the seed sown in the monsoon.****************

                           **********Thank you ************

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Message to my Bumchu

I am writing you this after i realized upon everything we shared.This morning i found myself thinking about you. Before my next thought arises i will put down some words for you that i am feeling right now. I really don't know why i always find myself thinking about you.
 The time is still waiting for me to declare you as my partner. A partner who was once a stranger but felt like we met some time ago. When everything happens for a reason how can i neglect all those sweet moments we shared. A reason i believe on as it circulates  on me everyday an i am on to every moment we shared and missed.
Never had been  into f such kind of feelings before i met you.
Every time i find a reason of you coming in my life. Moment that clings me to live with, when my mind thinks about your presence and that actually makes me to miss you more validating myself with a respect to all the reasons. As you told me that we are soul mates and I believe it really is.

 I am extremely sorry for if i have hurt you in unknowingly but loving you was so true that i can say .A world of love exists when feelings are being shared  which i have  discovered after meeting a sweet girl like you. Though we are separated by the  distance yet  i am thankful to the separation as i get a time to think about you every moment and missing you let me live.
 My love you will be growing every time. I am sorry that i could not write more though i am full of thoughts but i find  words limiting to write down what i am feeling now. I value your presence and everything about you. Everything we do makes a reason for me to rely on and see myself smiling and thinking about your presence beside me.
I am still waiting for a day to come for us to be together and hope to see you soon.I wont predict about the   future but  i am sure that we are made for each other only.

With all Love and regards,
Yours Kinley .

Monday, 3 November 2014

"The untold stories of my Nicknames"

What are the reasons behind my nicknames???
I sometimes get into the world of questioning myself when everyone knows me by my nickname. I do remember my only mother, father, some teachers and some friends who are not so closed to me calling me with my real name that i got from Chimi Lhakhang. From my childhood days I was called by my nicknames only. I even remember my grandmother calling me draaw (stupid) Kinley and even my aunt. when I was an innocent boy most of my community people call me by this name but now they don’t .I guess they think that I will get angry if they call me like this now but I know that they used by the name to mention me from the back when I am no more in front of them. I asked my grandmother why did you call me by this name and she answered to me was like I was sick during my baby days. She even told me that out of her babying on me she called me by this name and as I was the third child to mother who she wants me to live alive. But I don’t find any relation between that name and her desire. I guess they believe in people living a long live if they are given with stupid names. Actually my own elder brother and sister died before I was born and I guess she was afraid that I will die too. But why didn't she give my name like Tshering (long live)? That is what I am thinking of now. Even now my sweet angay calls me as she used to and I feel nothing as I am used to with it and sometimes I get the joy when she calls me with all her affection.

Now let me get to the name “BULL”. I know that you will laugh at it. I was told by my girlfriend that she laughed over it when she knew that my nick name was BULL. I still remember that moment she shared to me when she heard about it for the first time till then I didn't think over it. And now she calls be bull and her friend too. I was called with this name from my primary school days. Even now many of my friends, teachers and many more know me by this name and call me as BULL only. Before people think of many reasons behind my nickname let me narrate the whole story before any misconceptions are created. I sometimes laugh with people asking me are you that breeding bull?  But it is none of the people think about it. I even don’t know what the idea behind calling me by this name is. I do remember that uncle when I was in my primary school days.  He was very kind to me and I was always with him hanging around when my mother was already frustrated finding me after my school. And what I knew about that name given to me was like i was very fat and plump. But this could not be the only reasons but I know these simple reasons only but I find all contradictory reasons. A bull is not described with his fatness and all. There might be many reasons or he just liked me to call in this way. Last time I was told by my mother that he is now a Dzongda and he was the one to give this name of me where it became somewhat like a real name of me. But I hope he did name me with all his likes about me.

  I even had some friends in high schools after our completion from there they came to ask me about my real name and I had to answer them with all laughter. Even now many of my friends call me by this name only and I am somewhat known with this name. Sometimes my mother had a tough time in pronouncing my nickname when my friends call her for me. She would be saying “BULLU “instead of bull.  Anyhow I should say that I like people calling me by that name who are very close of mine. For the strangers I feel bit weird. I even do call some of my friends with their nicknames but before ask for their permission if they are not angry calling with it. I knew that people comfort in calling someone is all different and now I should stand for their comfort.  And the funny thing is when you use someone’s nicknames so much that you almost forget their real name. I should say that if I write this piece after few more years  collecting more stories and recommendations from the people  about it then it would be very interesting for the people to read it later but when it is too short say about it I should because I hate writing very long stories……hahahaha….
                                    *******Thank you for reading*******

About the title "The Reflections of My Hidden Images" of my blog

The Title "The Reflections of My Hidden Image" of my blog is about the own thoughts and feelings that i have with myself and will be experiencing. The perception that i have of my own could be the hidden images and as i reflect about it on the pages i would be able to cover up my title. So i hope i had made a right title as i thought of and put it down. The pages could be the mirror of my thoughts making it visible to self and to all the readers though my thoughts are concealed from the sight. So let me thank the all words as i can have a beautiful mirror to be decorated.  The world has confusion in reading peoples mind and everyone dreams about it to be solved.

 Sometimes I even feel that I could read all minds so that I would react with all the things they want to but it is a very complicated as there will be another thing emerging. Rather it is the best way to put down into words and let it know by the people around you so that it somehow solves everything.  Reflecting things could be the best way and it is only method to read people mind rather than wishing for all miracles to come to us. When everyone experiences things differently in their own ways and if it is shared I guess we would be able to make a big story out of that one. Learning things from what we feel and what other do upon that could sometimes be a great thing we are achieving if we set or minds in two forms. When I say two forms I mean to say about making right choices or taking things in good or bad .Exchange of thoughts is a way of comforting and everything we want to but we need to segregate things as I stated earlier.

 We can choose to be the right side as it is always the best way to live with life. For me I like listening to others views and perceptions and I always try to compare and make a right thing to live myself with all I want to. People say like we feel same thing. I guess  it also true when everyone has that feelings to be felt but it is just about a time and situation that can bring us to feel that feelings. When we feel things at different times it is really important to share to those who haven’t and make a reminder to those who have undergone with. It could memorable for those undergoing things for the first time and we will be remembered by them and somehow creates a history in them.

 All of the above one could be silly to you maybe but I won’t mind if you guys feel about it and recommend on it. I hope to see many reflections of all your hidden images like I did and will go on. Our reflections could make a great difference one day and will love to see a big changing story for all being. To gather upon our reflections of the hidden thoughts will be the beginning task and collecting all those good values and transforming human in to human being will be our results to hope on. Let us reflect and learn about all this complicated story rather than dreaming about all those miracles to happen. Let our reflections be the miracle to solve everything else.