Monday, 3 November 2014

"The untold stories of my Nicknames"

What are the reasons behind my nicknames???
I sometimes get into the world of questioning myself when everyone knows me by my nickname. I do remember my only mother, father, some teachers and some friends who are not so closed to me calling me with my real name that i got from Chimi Lhakhang. From my childhood days I was called by my nicknames only. I even remember my grandmother calling me draaw (stupid) Kinley and even my aunt. when I was an innocent boy most of my community people call me by this name but now they don’t .I guess they think that I will get angry if they call me like this now but I know that they used by the name to mention me from the back when I am no more in front of them. I asked my grandmother why did you call me by this name and she answered to me was like I was sick during my baby days. She even told me that out of her babying on me she called me by this name and as I was the third child to mother who she wants me to live alive. But I don’t find any relation between that name and her desire. I guess they believe in people living a long live if they are given with stupid names. Actually my own elder brother and sister died before I was born and I guess she was afraid that I will die too. But why didn't she give my name like Tshering (long live)? That is what I am thinking of now. Even now my sweet angay calls me as she used to and I feel nothing as I am used to with it and sometimes I get the joy when she calls me with all her affection.

Now let me get to the name “BULL”. I know that you will laugh at it. I was told by my girlfriend that she laughed over it when she knew that my nick name was BULL. I still remember that moment she shared to me when she heard about it for the first time till then I didn't think over it. And now she calls be bull and her friend too. I was called with this name from my primary school days. Even now many of my friends, teachers and many more know me by this name and call me as BULL only. Before people think of many reasons behind my nickname let me narrate the whole story before any misconceptions are created. I sometimes laugh with people asking me are you that breeding bull?  But it is none of the people think about it. I even don’t know what the idea behind calling me by this name is. I do remember that uncle when I was in my primary school days.  He was very kind to me and I was always with him hanging around when my mother was already frustrated finding me after my school. And what I knew about that name given to me was like i was very fat and plump. But this could not be the only reasons but I know these simple reasons only but I find all contradictory reasons. A bull is not described with his fatness and all. There might be many reasons or he just liked me to call in this way. Last time I was told by my mother that he is now a Dzongda and he was the one to give this name of me where it became somewhat like a real name of me. But I hope he did name me with all his likes about me.

  I even had some friends in high schools after our completion from there they came to ask me about my real name and I had to answer them with all laughter. Even now many of my friends call me by this name only and I am somewhat known with this name. Sometimes my mother had a tough time in pronouncing my nickname when my friends call her for me. She would be saying “BULLU “instead of bull.  Anyhow I should say that I like people calling me by that name who are very close of mine. For the strangers I feel bit weird. I even do call some of my friends with their nicknames but before ask for their permission if they are not angry calling with it. I knew that people comfort in calling someone is all different and now I should stand for their comfort.  And the funny thing is when you use someone’s nicknames so much that you almost forget their real name. I should say that if I write this piece after few more years  collecting more stories and recommendations from the people  about it then it would be very interesting for the people to read it later but when it is too short say about it I should because I hate writing very long stories……hahahaha….
                                    *******Thank you for reading*******