Monday, 3 November 2014

About the title "The Reflections of My Hidden Images" of my blog

The Title "The Reflections of My Hidden Image" of my blog is about the own thoughts and feelings that i have with myself and will be experiencing. The perception that i have of my own could be the hidden images and as i reflect about it on the pages i would be able to cover up my title. So i hope i had made a right title as i thought of and put it down. The pages could be the mirror of my thoughts making it visible to self and to all the readers though my thoughts are concealed from the sight. So let me thank the all words as i can have a beautiful mirror to be decorated.  The world has confusion in reading peoples mind and everyone dreams about it to be solved.

 Sometimes I even feel that I could read all minds so that I would react with all the things they want to but it is a very complicated as there will be another thing emerging. Rather it is the best way to put down into words and let it know by the people around you so that it somehow solves everything.  Reflecting things could be the best way and it is only method to read people mind rather than wishing for all miracles to come to us. When everyone experiences things differently in their own ways and if it is shared I guess we would be able to make a big story out of that one. Learning things from what we feel and what other do upon that could sometimes be a great thing we are achieving if we set or minds in two forms. When I say two forms I mean to say about making right choices or taking things in good or bad .Exchange of thoughts is a way of comforting and everything we want to but we need to segregate things as I stated earlier.

 We can choose to be the right side as it is always the best way to live with life. For me I like listening to others views and perceptions and I always try to compare and make a right thing to live myself with all I want to. People say like we feel same thing. I guess  it also true when everyone has that feelings to be felt but it is just about a time and situation that can bring us to feel that feelings. When we feel things at different times it is really important to share to those who haven’t and make a reminder to those who have undergone with. It could memorable for those undergoing things for the first time and we will be remembered by them and somehow creates a history in them.

 All of the above one could be silly to you maybe but I won’t mind if you guys feel about it and recommend on it. I hope to see many reflections of all your hidden images like I did and will go on. Our reflections could make a great difference one day and will love to see a big changing story for all being. To gather upon our reflections of the hidden thoughts will be the beginning task and collecting all those good values and transforming human in to human being will be our results to hope on. Let us reflect and learn about all this complicated story rather than dreaming about all those miracles to happen. Let our reflections be the miracle to solve everything else.