Thursday, 20 November 2014

Was that what dying is????

The time was just 11;49 when i was about to write my lab copy. i was thinking about my health that it has been almost a week that i was suffering from cough and cold. everything i take tastes salty and was kind of thirsty all the time. no sooner did i start writing my lab copy then i experienced something like travelling in a bus. i just felt like vomiting and thought that now dehydration is making me more sick and i just thought like i falling down from the chair. i just thought like i was suffering from giddiness until my room mate called me. he said "do you feel something else" . i replied"yes i do". he said it was quake. i just thought like i was getting more sick and my health condition is going down. last time i just checked my weight and it was decreased by 10 kg. thought that i am gonna die here in this place. i was in a mood like uncertainty of death is taking me somewhere tonight. it is always hard to predict things. but for the last moment i was totally taken somewhere else. my mind was not at all here wondering all alone. thank god that the quake was not so effective. if  it was then i wont be able to imagine the scene created here. ... cant imagine....?????