Sunday, 16 November 2014

Message to my Bumchu

I am writing you this after i realized upon everything we shared.This morning i found myself thinking about you. Before my next thought arises i will put down some words for you that i am feeling right now. I really don't know why i always find myself thinking about you.
 The time is still waiting for me to declare you as my partner. A partner who was once a stranger but felt like we met some time ago. When everything happens for a reason how can i neglect all those sweet moments we shared. A reason i believe on as it circulates  on me everyday an i am on to every moment we shared and missed.
Never had been  into f such kind of feelings before i met you.
Every time i find a reason of you coming in my life. Moment that clings me to live with, when my mind thinks about your presence and that actually makes me to miss you more validating myself with a respect to all the reasons. As you told me that we are soul mates and I believe it really is.

 I am extremely sorry for if i have hurt you in unknowingly but loving you was so true that i can say .A world of love exists when feelings are being shared  which i have  discovered after meeting a sweet girl like you. Though we are separated by the  distance yet  i am thankful to the separation as i get a time to think about you every moment and missing you let me live.
 My love you will be growing every time. I am sorry that i could not write more though i am full of thoughts but i find  words limiting to write down what i am feeling now. I value your presence and everything about you. Everything we do makes a reason for me to rely on and see myself smiling and thinking about your presence beside me.
I am still waiting for a day to come for us to be together and hope to see you soon.I wont predict about the   future but  i am sure that we are made for each other only.

With all Love and regards,
Yours Kinley .