Monday, 24 November 2014

"To live with truth“

''Impermanence is a principle of harmony when we don't struggle against it,we are harmony with reality"-Pema Chodron

         Appealing case against dead victims can be a fool if people are with selfish thoughts. Knowing the truth of life can be a best medication rather than fighting for dead people to come back. Buddha told that the moon, sun and the truth cannot be hidden. People do things knowingly and I find them stupid. Recently I read a news paper of a suicide case where the victim’s parents forwarded a case to the court against the school teacher for not informing about their children condition earlier. How can a teacher know that he or she is going to suicide just seeing the condition? A teacher might have seen his or condition but didn't turn up saying to the parents that he or she may get alright as we always hope and expects for. There is no use of crying over spilt milk. I guess people really have to know the cyclic existence of the nature. We say we are born to die and people try to seek reasons for why did he die? People’s notion this day seems to be selfish in a way when they are demanding something else from the dead corpse in a way for their beneficial.

          I was thinking of writing this article from last time when I went through the documentary movie on Ebola in Africa. The victims infected by those deadly viruses. I just observe that people the donations and those health agencies trying their best to eradicate and treat those people but was not appreciated by the way they treat. It was kind of like rough and tough treatment. Even people don’t treat like this to an animal. A just watched a mother losing her son as he was infected. Even though she wants to live with him presuming her son is affected by virus and would spread her. But she was truly in need of her son than anything else. She doesn't care about everything around but wants her son to be with her and spend her being time with her son. I came to know that those infected people are killed and burnt to reduce the increasing number of casualties.

          So the people around them comfort her and then take her son and she no more sees him. Where are our human values? The conduct there seems to creating more problems and torturing them a lot more than the infection. Those infected people are happy that they understood the truth of life but people trying to treat them are completely out of their mind that they won’t die. Those unaffected people think that they will be infected and will land up dying knowing that they will die one day. I guess they are with the notion of permanency world and the life they live.

           I guess it is very important that we know about the impermanence and truth of life. Knowing this could be the best medicine to cure every problems regarding the ills and deaths of life rather than showing our stupidity and viewing things in as a permanent thing to be with. We are being so selfish to sustain our living. Let there be no misconceptions about life and then will eradicate all those misconducts then those deadly disease. Know the best medication as I stated earlier and enjoy with everything comes with us. 

Thank you.